Uber Listener

How good is the relationship between your brain and sound? Find out with this extremely fun and easy to play game! This is a true brain age test!

Uber Listener tests how your brain processes sound and reacts. Its extremely addictive and can be played by people of all ages! Show your brain’s true color in this mind-blasting game. Test your mind. This is perfect to coach memory and attention. See what your brain age actually is! Yes, it is a brain age analyzer as well! This is a true mind test.

How to Play:
There are two buttons on screen: Correct and Wrong If the number spoken by the narrator matches the NUMBER OF DIGITS on screen, you have to press the CORRECT button. Otherwise, you press the WRONG button. It is almost like a speed trivia, which will exercise your mind.

Aim is to focus on the numbers being spoken by the narrator and the NUMBER OF DIGITS on screen. Once you start focusing on other things, you lose track and hence the game. The more you play, the more your brain performance will improve.

Game Features:
– From the makers of the popular series ‘Fun Ways to Think’
– Perfect brain exercise game
– Provides you with free brain training
– Tests your reflex and attention span

Its a brain game that will blow your mind. Its a true brain trainer, with nice twists. It will play mind games with you and will be a proper brain age test. Yes it will tease you mentally, but its extremely addictive. Also, it will help you to sharpen your mind. This game is perfect for kids, men and women. But definitely not for babies!