Controls are extremely simple. Touch and drag your finger to control the player. Basically, you have to hold your finger on the screen and move it across to control the dot. But remember, the path is dangerous and full of curves! It is twisting and turning all the time. Some would say that this road is impossible to beat. Your aim is to stay in it for as long as possible. If you step outside the line, you are out. Its game over. So you have to exercise caution at all times.

Some of the main features include:
– Sensitive control scheme to help you through the track
– Awesome Graphics
– Compete with friends on our world wide leaderboard
– Addictive and insane fun
– Endless gameplay
– Frantic music
– Tracks appear in a variety of shapes and sizes

This is pure endless arcade fun. Give yourself a true challenge! Remember to simply follow the line, carry out the basic steps or movements, and you will be safe. Try to last for as long as possible. It can get super hard but if you keep your focus, you can get far.

WARNING: The game can be quite unforgiving and frustrating!