Guess the Restaurant Quiz

Guess the Restaurant Quiz is an easy to play, casual quiz game in which you simply have to look at the picture and guess what restaurant it is.

This is an extremely casual game. Whether you are relaxing at home, or travelling in a train or airplane or even if you want to take a break at work, this is the perfect trivia game. Best thing about this game is that you can get every one involved around you AND you can play it offline. Also, you can challenge them to see who knows more.

– Have a look at the restaurant brands and guess the name of the restaurant. One step gameplay. No need to scratch the logo off or anything of that sort.
– All popular restaurants from USA, UK, China, Japan, India etc. are included. You simply have to know them!
– We will keep updating the game with more and more levels. The story does not end. We will provide you with fresh content. There will be a continuous challenge.
– No registration required
– Challenging and unlimited fun
– Casual trivia guessing game

If you manage to finish this game, you are truly a superhero!