Fun Ways to Think

Fun ways to think will make you think in ways you have never ever thought! Get ready to have your mind-blown and answer some of the most amazing picture stump riddles ever.

Fun Ways to Think has over 1 Million installs on the Play Store alone. It has ranked amongst the top 10 apps in Philippines and has an average rating of 4.4 Stars on Amazon, from over 400 review.

Are you ready to play the most ENTERTAINING and CRAZIEST and the most dumb riddle game ever?

Here are some reviews from our players:
***** “Awesome!!!! This game is a lot of fun playing wid frnds.I love the way it makes u think.” – Saloni Parikh

***** “Awesome! Mind blowing game!!..the puzzles quite challenging” – Siddhesh Malkarnekar

Get it NOW! Its FREE to play!

There are so many fun, challenging and dumb riddles. They are funny, adventurous, quirky, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping and amazingly fun to solve. You will shocked at the dumb ways that this game will make you think in!

Game features:
– Free to play and a lot of fun
– Brain-twisting puzzles
– Smart, hard, kids, word, picture,impossible etc. We have all sorts of stump riddles!
– No this game is not for babies
– Many picture combos to solve, that will leave you guessing. Strain your brain, guess the answer or there is no way out! Just kidding, we always have a clue for you. So you can guess the word using our clues. There are also other features that can help you solve the riddles like hints and letter elimination.

Sharpen your mind by playing this for hours and hours. Patrol your brain while doing so though! 101 riddles book is not going to help you. This is all ORIGINAL! If you love free riddle quiz games, this is definitely for you.

Play and live the riddles! Try and unriddle these mind-boggling pictures. There is only a dumb way to play this!

But make sure you don’t die thinking!

We have upto 8000 riddles in the pipeline!

Credit for the brain-twisting riddles – Pujan Chheda

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